Adding a static mesh into skeletal mesh animation editor?

Hi, I need to create a weapon grabbing animation, and without actually seeing the weapon in the animation editor I can’t create a precise animation. I need to go back to the level, play the game to see if it fits it, and I can’t even understand how much left/right/forward I need to modify the animation! Is there a way to add a static mesh into animation editor?
If no, please add. Let’s make Unreal a great animation tool.
Yes, I create all my animations inside Unreal Engine. I don’t want to use anything else, it’s awful

UE4 already has that feature: select the socket, right click and “Add Preview Asset”.

Thanks for your help, this feature is very helpful, I will use it for adjusting the animation for holding the weapon
(upd, it wont let me set the location of mesh in 3d space, it is stuck at wrong position, I cant adjust anything, bad feature)
updofupd (I added a custom socket and adjusted its location, l good thanks)

But actually I was talking about putting mesh into a space, not attached to the player. I need to play hands moving to the mesh’s location

Should I create a new socket and attach to hips since they are not moving? Bad way, but would work in my case i think
Still independent meshes need to added

The root of the mesh would be better then the hips.