Adding a spline point in a blueprint

Hi I’m trying to add a point to a spline in a blueprint, I have found the methods:
add spline local point
add spline world point
set world location at spline point
but I can’t seem to make them do anything, am I missing something?

I figured it out, I was actually adding a spline point/ moving a spline point etc but i wasn’t re rendering the spline components so they were staying where they were, also the spline mesh component has to be moveable…

Can you recall what you did to rerender the spline components?

I never got that far actually as splines didn’t solve my original issue, but I would imagine doing exactly what you have to do in the construction script, in the event map instead, using on tick or some other event instead of the construction node

If you switch on this checkbox, points will be drawn via construct script.