Adding a slight spine twist to my character in the looking direction

I want to make my characters spine twist in the YAW direction of my camera.
Not FULLY 1-1 but more like spine 3. = 40% spine 2 = 20%. spine 1 = 5% setup.
which would bet better to use, the spline IK or a blend per bone node or 3 transform modify bone nodes

Maybe a chain of

Your can also use the copy rotation from bone nodes, blend poses and many other nodes to achieve this.

many ways to do this, hard to say what would work for you.

I would animate each of the “extreme” bend targets, and use a blend space for this.

Thanks Guys
Chain Is a new one for me But certainly looks Useful and would work here. But making a blend space would also have the benefit of preventing weird unnatural positions ,which would be useful for my VR body situation here.