Adding a skeletal mesh to me level causes a freeze. 4.5.1

Dragging a skeletal mesh out and dropping it into the level causes a freeze when I attempt to play standalone or in editor. My actors tick once, but not twice. Removing the mesh fixes the problem. Any idea on what might cause this? This only happens with a few specific skeletal meshes I have, not with HeroTPP for example.

EDIT: It appears that this is only happening with meshes from the Sci Fi Weapons Dark pack. Does anyone know why these would be special?

Probably they have a very complex material -> compiling shaders (remove the material and see if that caused the problem) :slight_smile: After the freeze you have to close the game or is it just a temporary one?

Freeze is permanent. Freeze occurs with no materials applied, even if export, import in 3ds Max, export, and import back to unreal. I suspect there is some weirdness going on with references or redirects here.