Adding a non montage interact animation..

Hello all… Just curious if I am allowed to create multiple threads, as I created one with a different issue… This one involves adding a non montage touch animation to my existing character I animated earlier… Is there a tutorial I can follow that will Help me complete this? I tried to follow the montage tutorial, but it doesn’t pick up the animation asset as a montage… If anyone can aid me that would be great


You will have to do it with a state machine -> (should work the same) :slight_smile:
Why dont you want to use a montage for that?

The animation itself isn’t a montage… Well put it like this, when I got to the part where you had to find the asset animation as a montage like the video showed, it did not find it at all… Now I could have had another issue with it altogether, but my assumption was that it had something to do with the animation not being the same as the on in that tutorial video…

You have to create montages. Do a right click onto an animation - create montage. :wink:

Duh!! Well I think this animation isn’t meant to be a montage anyways… But I will definitely look into that tutorial!

Is there any reason why I cannot find my first variable when I try to connect it the cast tomycharacter node to the first boolean variable I created? It will not show up when I looked for it… I have my blended space and animation blueprint in the main project folder but the mycharacter blueprint(Where I created the first variable) in the blueprints folder of course…

Not entirely sure but… you can drag and drop variables into the Blueprint space, then either pick GET or SET function. Or you might have to untick the content context sensitivity feature (enabled by default), when you rightclick into the BP viewport and search for the variable name, sometimes you need to do this.

Make sure that you have set your variable to “editable” :slight_smile:

Thanks it worked!!! Although it still kind of rapid fires on full press… Which is fine… But I kind of regret following that other tutorial you linked me… That one limited to the upper torso of the player controlled character and would look more natural while running, rather than looking like gliding when she does the action…