Adding a new Shield

Hello guys,

I´m going to create a shield mod (Chitin Shield).

I´ve done the mesh, edited the blueprints, tested it in the editor. Everything works fine…

But then I tried to upload it.

I cooked it (cook game mod)
and I clicked ‘Upload’.

The first time: Upload worked and I downloaded it, but after installing it and hosting a game, my game crashes while loading.

The second time: Upload doesn´t work anymore :confused:

(While cooking there are a lot of warnings but no errors/compiler compiles anything not just my mod)

Excuse my english please^^

Hope you can help :slight_smile:

There might be a few issues with overriding the TestMap and the TestMod files in the PrimalGameData blueprint. There may also be a compatability issue with another mod you’re using (if you’re using other mods). Those are my 2 suggestions. Hope they helped!