Adding a Geomtery Cache (running) to master Sequence. Not Working in playback

Hi I am currently using a doing a water(fluid) simulation in Blender which I am currently bringing into Unreal. It caches out into alembic and imports fine as a running geometry cache (in the viewpoint). The problem is when bringing it into the master sequencer. It brings it in but doesn’t playback with the other objects (skeletal meshes). It stays static.

Hey Filmguy,

I made a request for this a little while back. See UE-35688. It’s not super high priority since it does work in game (as long as you trigger it to be “Running” in Sequencer), but not being able to see it in Sequencer preview playback is irritating. I can’t guarantee that it will make the target fix version listed on the bug (4.16), but now that GDC is almost done I wouldn’t be surprised.