Adding a charcter sheet to the hud

In the video tutorial I watched. I added in a inventory and now I’m adding in a character sheet. The sheet has Armour on the left side and weapons on the right side. Look at the screen shot

As you can see the widget is not showing like the video tutorial. He never added in a tutorial on how to display the widget with a key ‘Q’ That’s what I using. The issue is that I can’t focus of the widget to be able to test the buttons. I did think this was a slot inventory system. That’s what It thought that the tutorials were slot based. anyway. When I open the widget. I can’t click on the buttons to test them so I can see if the text windows pop up. here’s my node setup.


Below is 2

And below is the 3th part of the node setup.


What I have all ready doesn’t work. and as you saw on the 1st screen shot the character sheet is up too far and all the way to the left. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this.

fairly common issue. here is the nodes to call on to properly set the mouse. Remember that you should probably set them back to game mode after closing the widget.

Also, you may want to do yourself a favor and stop while you are ahead to do it right.
To be able to handle all types of control, you need to create custom widgets to use as your “buttons” or in this case areas where one can probably eventually drag/drop things in.
Start by just setting up whatever the box is currently as a custom widget, and placing that custom widget into the current character sheet widget.
This will essentially couple the 2, but allow you to work Just on the widget of the part to be able to add functionality.

Aside from that, here’s the nodes.

Note, While I have my functionality within the player controller, you probably do not, so you need to drag off the player controller to get those nodes. (show mouse cursor bool and set input mode).
While add to view-port is just how you commonly add a widget to the view-port

Not sure what tutorial you are following, but add child to canvas is not the way to get a widget to pop up… either way, the issue is probably just the game mode and the mouse cursor.

[USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] Thank you. That works. See what you don’t know is that all that you posted above was all ready adding in from the video tutorials. The videos I been watching is from a Guy by the Name of Ryan Laley and here’s the link for it. Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Equipment - Part 1 3D Mesh Widget - YouTube. The issue is that he never adding in an option to Open and close that widget in his video. when I tried to get help with it. That was like chatting with a wall. I even a Patron on this to get newer videos. He’s been ill and hasn’t been able to help or doesn’t want to help. IDK. anyway. The last thing.

How can i close this widget. By pressing the same key to open it. Like I said he never covered any of this in his videos. I guess he forgot about it. In part 3 says that he did add it in. and I watched part 2 like 10 times and he never added it. So oh well. I just need to close the widget and restore the cursor.

Off the button press first add a branch.
create new bool variable for the branch.
if the bool is false, set the bool to true, then do the open widget sequence.
when the bool is true do the opposite of the sequence.
set the bool to false, Set user input to game only, show cursor to false. And Remove all widgets.

@MostHostLA Thanks again for the info. sorry so late to reply. This forum doesn’t seem to be sending me emails on when some one posts replies. I did find out why and I fix that. Now here’s the last issue. The guy that made the video and gave me a new toggle option for opening and closing widget. It’s just when I added in the new toggle option. It’s just that now I can’t get it to show anything on the character sheet. I asked him for help and he was like F*** Off and that was it. I canceled my patron and left him in the dust. anyway what I want to is remove the buttons and add slots to the character sheet that will let me drag and drop from my inventory. The other thing is that I need to add some kind of crafting system. Any ideas on that. That needs to get added to the inventory widget.