Adding a C++ Class to a Blueprint Project?

Does anyone know to fix this error?


Before doing this … remove all your Intermediate and Binaries folders … then add the C++ class again and as long as you have Visual Studio installed (the correct version) the system should compile the project and open up Visual Studio.

I experienced this a while ago and I now have a Batch file that removes the Intermediate and Binaries folders for me … works like a charm and getting false errors on Plugins and adding C++ classes has gone bye-bye. HTH. 8-}

Alright now i hope this doesn’t come off as a dumb question but where do i find those? and do i just delete whats inside them or the whole thing?

In your project folder … where your .uproject is.


So remove the “Binaries”, “Build”, and “Intermediate” folder. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of them as they get created when you package or compile or build a project.

DON’T delete any of the other folders, just the ones above. Basically by removing these folders you force Unreal Engine from rebuilding the required DLL’s and projects files to make your project work.

Oh yeah … this is fixed in 4.14 … so you can also just get that version and see if it solves your problem. This doesn’t always cause an issue, but I have found under some circumstances it does and removing these folders always works for me.

Alright…i’ll give it a shot

hey have you used that UE4 Leaderboard plugin i can’t seen to get it to work? everything works in the editor but i get errors when i try to package out?