Adding a bone to skeleton, which has multiple skeletal meshes attatched to it

I’m using a skeleton from Advanced Locomotion System and have multiple (10+) skeletal meshes using that skeleton. I want to add a single bone to the bone hierarchy, which will not even be skinned to anything. It’s meant to be an animatable socket for weapons.

My question is: How can I update the ALS skeleton so that all of my skeletal meshes can recognise the new bone?

I’ve tried exporting one of the skeletal meshes, adding the extra bone in Maya and reimporting that skeletal mesh back in Unreal. The new bone works but only on the reimported skeletal mesh. Rest of the meshes don’t recognise the bone. Do I need to redo this operation for all of my skeletal meshes, or is there another simpler way of doing it?

Hey ScurvyRat,

Think I may (or may not) have found something that could help you while you wait for the super-geniuses of the UE community: this might lead you in the right direction. Truly hope this helps :slight_smile: