Adding a 'blink' style character movement

Hello all!

I’m having a little bit of an issue that I was hoping someone here could help me with. I’m fiddling with some different character classes and am trying to implement a blink-style jump ability (along the lines of Tracer’s ability in Overwatch), and would like my character to be able to aim any direction and ‘blink’ a set distance (maybe 10m; the ability could be used twice before a cooldown period). The problem I’m encountering is when firing a line trace, my character will teleport a short distance if the trace hits anything that isn’t a mesh (read: the sky). Is there anyway around this issue? The only solution I could think of was instead of doing a line trace, spawning an invisible actor and having my character teleport to that, destroying the actor upon completion.

Thanks in advance for the help!


If you also connect up the Trace End, it will provide a destination to Teleport to. You are only connecting to the Impact Point, but if the Impact Point does not exist…

Little out-of-the-box thinking here but what about using a spring arm

Can’t believe I missed that. I’ll try it out and let you know, thanks!

Smart idea, I’ll try this out if the above does not work, thanks!

EDIT: It was as simple as connecting the ‘Trace End’ to the vector instead of the impact point. Thanks again!