Adding a 2nd Instance of "ISMC" in the Editor leads to crash

Blank Blueprint Project.
Created an Actor, created an Instanced Static Mesh Component, used Editor Sphere for the Mesh and a newly created Material with “Use with Instanced Static Mesh” enabled and 0.5 for default color. Placed this actor into the default map, added an instance, then added another instance… and it breaks.

I can not seem to reproduce this where the editor is actually crashing. When creating a new project and following your steps to the end I do not seem to be getting any issues. Could you provide a project where you are getting this crash. Also, if available post any of your crash logs as those could help sort this out.

Thank you.

I’m sorry. I forgot to add that you need to make the Instanced Static Mesh the new root component by dragging the ISMC onto the default root component.

Hey Ninjin, I am still having no luck reproducing this crash. If you have any crash logs or engine logs you could provide that would be helpful. Also if you can send a project that has been crashing from this that will also be a huge help. Thanks.

Hello Ninjin,
After some more testing I was able to reproduce this crash. The good news is that this crash appears to be fixed in our latest internal build of the engine. You should see this fixed sometime in the near future.
Thank you.