AddImpulseAtLocation and AddRadialImpulse do not work anymore

AddRadialImpulse and AddImpulseAtLocation do not work anymore in 4.7 preview 5.

If you make a starter project and choose the first person template the blocks will not move if you shoot them, while if you do the same thing with the 4.6.1 version they still works.

for the c++ part, I placed this code in the projectile Hit method with no results:

TArray<FOverlapResult> overlappingPhysicsBody;
		FCollisionQueryParams collisionPhysicsBodyParams;
		if (this->GetWorld()->OverlapMulti(overlappingPhysicsBody,
			for (FOverlapResult Thing : overlappingPhysicsBody)
				UPrimitiveComponent* comp = Thing.GetComponent();
				comp->AddRadialImpulse(this->GetActorLocation(), damageRadius, impulseStrength, ERadialImpulseFalloff::RIF_Constant, false);
				comp->AddImpulseAtLocation(ProjectileMovement->Velocity * 1000000.f, Hit.ImpactPoint);

Hi MaxiHori,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We had a brief period of time in the Engine source code where physics objects were not simulating at all. Unfortunately 4.7 Preview 5 was built during this time period and it includes this issue. We have already fixed this internally, so future preview versions and the official release version will not see this behavior.

Thanks for your answer,

so if I correctly understood, the Preview version is not really made for development, I should stick to the latest official build right?

That is correct. The Preview versions are intended to provide a preview of what will be in version 4.7 of the Engine. They receive some basic testing before they are made available, but they do not get any of the comprehensive tests that the official release version goes through before it is released. Preview versions should be used to get an idea of upcoming changes to the Editor and Engine, and experimenting with those changes. Actual game project development should be done in one of the official released versions. The latest official released version is 4.6.1.

ooook thank you very much :slight_smile: