Addiction - Survival Horror FPS

Hi everyone!

Just finished building a demo of sorts on my first attempt at a game. I opted for a horror game because i love horror survival and also they’re easier to make. Only has one level so far and it’s fully built the way i imagined it. It’s somewhat inspired by pacman with a sci fi / horror environment.

The level design is maze like. I used assets from other projects and from packs on the market place. Some of the sounds i picked up from other games so you might recognize some of them. Later on I’ll try to make my own sounds and replace them. For now they’re just there for effect.

The objective is simple, find the exit and make it out alive. It’s fully playable and I’m looking to get some impressions on it, see if i’m going in the right direction, what needs changing, if i made it too hard, which i probably did (like the folks at extra credits say, if you think the difficulty setting is okay for you, it’s probably way too hard). I don’t wanna get too much into it and just let you figure it out for yourselves in terms of gameplay. Let me know how you reacted to it, what you think would improve it, what i did wrong, etc.

What’s available:

  • settings menu (accessible by pressing esc in game)
  • flashlight (after you find it and pick it up. also there is no battery limit on it, so go nuts)
  • automatic and interactable doors, buttons (just a side note, i haven’t managed to get a interact object hint pop up on screen when you look at one yet, so if you see a button or the flashlight, just press E on it)
  • basic AI that will chase you for a while if it spots you, damage and kill you
  • sound environment

Future implementations:

  • save points (doesn’t have save points yet, so yeah, sorry about that)
  • simple inventory system
  • a pill mechanic, kinda like anxiety pills you’ll pick up and can use either when you’re down on health or when you’re trapped and a “ghost” is right on you. taking a pill will regain your full health and make the “ghosts” go away for a short time (limited amount)
  • more levels
  • story (if i can fit a story around this game. have no idea what to do yet)

I’m running this at 1600x900 with all settings set on High at 60 fps with some slight fps drops sometimes. You can increase or lower the settings and resolution and see what suits your machine better.
My machine:

  • i7-4700HQ 2.40 Ghz
  • 16 Gb ram
  • Nvidia GeForce 750m
  • Windows 8.1

Try playing it with headphones. I tried to make the sound comfortable and engaging, Let me know if any of the sounds are too loud, i might have missed some.

Without any further due, here’s a download link. Have fun!!! Send your opinions to or just leave them down here.

A friend told me he was getting confused and didn’t know what to do, so I added objective screens across the level. Things should be a bit more clear now.

Some screenshots:

Also it’s my bday today and this is my gift to the community, Enjoy! :wink:

Spent a few minutes playing through this tonight. You have some really nice atmosphere and I can see a lot of potential with this project. The first thing that came to mind is how cool it would be if the maze were some kind of Pandora’s box containing all the unimaginable abominations of a darker reality. There is a movie called cube I would suggest watching as reference since its got some really interesting concepts and possible puzzles and themes for traps if thats something you be interested in exploring.

So just a few Critiques on the overall prototype:

The lighting was way to dark within most areas of the map. I get that people often mistake darkness as an immediate trigger for fear, but when you cant even see your own pathway half the time it just becomes annoying. I would suggesting using lighting more thoughtfully as a device to lead the player to new locations. Research the last of us and its environment conception for examples of this process.

The map as a whole was bit to repetitive… one long hallway to the next with very little real variation… Almost made the ability to discern progression impossible.

There was a depth of field affect that im guessing was a game play affect which really needed a life span or decay rate attached to it. Almost total darkness combined with a blurry depth of field affect made for a very lack luster experience.

The audio was well integrated in this demo and really helped to build atmosphere.
The crouch needs some ease in and ease out movement so its not a snapping mechanic.

God stuff overall man.

I would be interested in helping make this awesome if you are open to collaborating. I can really see potential with this.