Added BlueprintReadWrite to UProperty but property doesn't change in game

So, currently I am building a wheeled vehicle for my game and I wanted to be able to dynamically change the values of some of the things the the Vehicle Wheel classes that are used to define the wheels. So I jump through the hoops and get Visual Studio and all that up and working. I go to the Vehicle Wheel parent class, the thing that ends in .h or whatever (I don’t know anything about coding at all), and I go down to the property(s) I want to change (Suspension Max Raise, as well as a few others), and I add BlueprintReadWrite in the UPROPERTY() thing. As far as I know, thats all I needed to do. I close the UE4 editor, build my game, open things up, and it all seems to be working. Seems. I can access the properties I wasn’t able to before, but the property i’ve been trying to change doesn’t seem to be actually changing how the Vehicle Wheel class is working. There are no errors in the blueprints, I can see the variable supposedly changing when I attach a ‘Get Suspension Max Raise’ to a print node, but the changes that are supposed to happen in game, aren’t happening. I’m wondering if that Vehicle Wheel class only checks what the value of its variables are at the very start and doesn’t look again. If anyone knows how to fix this, or might have an idea of what is wrong or where I should look at the least, I’d really appreciate the help. Here are some images of the class in VS and the blueprint changing the value on tick.