AddDebugItem LNK Error

Hi guys!

Recently whilst developing a plugin I came across a strange error that stops me from compiling but once I comment out a function call it is fixed.

I have been using a class derived from AnimNodeBase.h and when I call the line:


the compiler throws a error LNK2019:unresolved external symbol on the AddDebugItem function.

In my PrivateDependencyModuleNames I am including “AnimGraph” for the AnimNodeBase.h implementation, however it would appear that this one function is not included in this binary?

As I said when I comment this line out the program compiles absolutely fine but I was wondering if this error was caused by something else that could cause errors further down the line?

Thanks in advance!


I came across same problem xD. Did you ever manage to resolve this ?

Thank you.

I too am having this problem and I’m on 4.8 now.

Only I’m adding it to PublicDependencyModuleNames. Not sure if that makes a difference. I’ll have to read up on that some more.