Complete noob question here regarding the AddActorLocalRotation function in blueprints. I have a 3rd person player set up to give input on a cube when I step inside the trigger radius of that cube. I have everything set up correctly so that the player input is enabled on entering the radius and disabled on leaving the radius and the keystroke I have (F) correctly rotates the cube when I press it. My issue is that I would like the cube to rotate a bit more smoothly; it just jumps to its next position at the moment and doesn’t look great. Is there a way to slow down the rotation in the delta rotation part of the addactorlocalrotation box? I have tried dragging some of the nodes off delta rotation, but as you can tell, I don’t know much about interpolation, etc. Can one of these nodes help smooth out the rotation of the cube? Thanks in advance and apologies if I am butchering the terminology.

A timeline node is what you are looking for