Add your own vehicle to the Advanced Vehicle Template


I have some problems with getting my car mesh to run in the advanced vehicle template.

What I did, was the following to get it easily running with the normal vehicle template:

Add FBX Mesh, create new skeletal, go into the phyiscs asset, remove all bounds around the mesh, add new body.

Than I just replaced the mesh in the vehicle blueprint, and it all worked.

Now when I try to do this with the advanced template, the car doesnt move at all, or in some combo, drives by itself in a certain location.

I just wonder what I am doing wrong here, perhaps the Vehicle Art Setup is not made for the Advanced Vehicle Template?

Hi Eduard!

As you suspected, that Vehicle Art Setup is not intended for the advanced vehicle, which has a more complex skeletal structure.

To make an asset for the AVT, the easiest way is to study the original FBX, which you can download from the doc page here: How to Build a Double Wishbone Suspension Vehicle in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation

Direct link to the download:

Hope that helps.

While I look at it, it seems I probably dont need the advanced version.

What I like to realize are space ships (with invisible wheels).

Any idea how I can get the same kind of accelerration, and feeling like in the adv template, into the normal template?
And what are the differences of the two, so what do I have to change or keep in mind when I want to convert the adv template back into the normal one?

What I also see in the link by you, is the whole animation progress, however I can just remove the animation bp in the adv template, and the car is still able to drive ;X Can you tell me what I’m missing to be able to just drive for now? I dont understand the problem

Thanks for your reply!

Ah, for that purpose (space ships) the AVT wouldn’t add anything of use, but rather make things more complicated for no good reason :slight_smile:

Have you looked at the Flying Template at all? Seems to me that would perhaps be a better starting point for a space ship.

Otherwise, yeah, I guess you could use the standard vehicle template (and have invisible wheels) if you want ships that sort of hover just above the ground. To get the same kind of acceleration etcetera, it’s mostly a matter of having approximately the same mass and engine parameter settings as the AVT, and you should be able to get something in the same ballpark.

Ok, I kind of thought that.
Can you tell me the differences between the two, what I have to change in the ADT to break it down to the basics, and it works like the normal one?
I tried to compare the blueprint graphs and defaults, but I dont see any difference…

And yes, the spaceships shall only hover over the ground, so they are actually cars.

Well, there are no significant differences other than the Animation BP, not that I can think of at any rate.

I haven’t tried this, but if you start by removing everything in the AnimationBP except the Final Animation Pose node and recompile, then you should have something that drives correctly but does not animate anything at all.

After that, it should be possible to import a new skeletal mesh (your spaceship) and assign it to the Skeletal Mesh slot in the VehicleBlueprint. The only thing you need to do to maintain driving functionality is to make sure that the wheel bone names have matching entries in the VehicleSetup / WheelSetups in the Defaults of the VehicleBlueprint.

Then edit the physics asset for your ship as needed, and everything should work.

There are a few gotchas when building the skeletal mesh. Off the top of my head, you want to make sure you’re using X as forward, that the root bone is at 0, 0, 0 (and not rotated) in the file when you export the FBX from your modeling application, and that your wheel bones are there as children of the root bone (even if you don’t bind any geometry to them in your case) and have unique names, with matching names in the BP (as mentioned above). I typically also always make sure that the wheel bones have zero rotation, X facing forward, everything nice and tidy just to be sure. Also quickly reimport the FBX into your modeling package to verify that everything is there before trying to pull it into UE.

No man… I tried all kind of crazy stuff, in the end its not working out, and the cars just drive by themself into north.
And the physics asset by the AVT is broken, what means when I try to open it, it asks me to delete all bones.
Can you maybe help me via Teamviewer or IRC? Its really important to me…

I tried to use the reference replacer tool, which gets activated when you remove a blueprint. Its very bad, but at least it got some stuff right.