add widget to viewport

How can i successfully add a widget to the view port?
I used to be able to do it like in the below screenshot.
Using UE 4.23 i now get the following error in the message log.

Blueprint Runtime Error: "Accessed None trying to read property CallFunc_Create_ReturnValue". Blueprint:  Lobby Function:  Execute Ubergraph Lobby Graph:  EventGraph Node:  Add to Viewport

Is there some replication going on here? ( somewhere )

No there is no replication, although it doesn’t make a difference whether it is on or off. If I disable dedicated server option I noticed that this error disappears. I am using the default fps project with the above nodes in the level blueprint. that is all i have modified


Weird, doesn’t happen for me ( with the same setup )…

Have you tried with a Others blank Widget?

Is your Player Controller valid at this moment?
I read somewhere only the GameInstance is garanty to be available.
Also, try to leave the owning player empty

did you try to add a "set visibility " node ?

i think this video will be helpfull. How to Spawn/Create Widget in Unreal Engine C++ - YouTube