"Add Widget Component" can't save status

my project is on svn https://talking-with-cat.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

I use UE 4.7.3.

I use “Add Widget Component” add my widget class,

but when I save my project, and reopen my project.

“Add Widget Component” widget will clear to None like picture.


you can see first I set “TalkingWithCat2”

but when I reopen it will clear to “None”

This problem I think is about widget class,

because some widget class don’t has this problem, but some has this problem.

two file I modify.



Hi damody,

There is a known issue that replaces Class references with PLACEHOLDER or None which was fixed just recently. If you test a copy of your project in latest 4.7 from GitHub (4.7.4), does same issue occur? fix was implemented in this commit:


I update
LinkerLoad.cpp, PropertyObject.cpp, LinkerPlaceholderClass.h, LinkerPlaceholderClass.cpp to master version but they don’t fix my problem.


I have this problem too (ue4 4.7.3), but links that have been posted lead me to a 404

ok, I pull branch “4.7”, it’s ok.
4.7.4 is no problem for me.

Hi ,

You need to be logged into GitHub for commit links to work, and be sure your Epic and GitHub accounts are linked. More info on that here:

I use 4.7.6 and have same error.

Hi ,

Could you upload your project somewhere and send me a link? I’d like to send this to devs if possible. If you need it to be private, you can send me link via PM on forums: