Add Volumetric Scattering Distance

Love that UE4 now supports Volumetric Light/Fog but there was something that was bugging me.It was when u get close to the light source Spot/Point light and it had a high Scattering Value its very foggy and cant really see threw it and im sure in real life the density is less the closer u get to fog. Its still in a bit of WIP just need to tone it up a bit and optimize. Would u guys like this as a engine feature?

On Spot/Point Light List **

  • Bool On/Off for the Distance to work.
  • Sphere Radius( Range it starts to Lower at the given Min Intensity)
  • Min Intensity

Advanced Setting:

  • Bool Show points from Light Proximity
  • Add More point for precision
  • Bool for Interpolation when getting near Light Source