Add ViewState?

I am using the Panoramic Capture plugin from Kite&Lighting. Everything is working fine except my PostProcessing volume doesn’t show up in the render.
I’ve been following the documentation from here:

So I opened up ScreenCapturer.cpp in the private folder of the plugin in the Engine plugin folder. I added the code they mentioned in the tutorial and saved. Still no pp effects showing up.
At the bottom of the code they say:
“Note: You may need to force the capture component to have a ViewState for certain post effects (e.g. material effects) to work.”

That is most likely my problem as all my pp effects are in a blendable material. (I just have a black outline on everything)

I usually just use Blueprints and don’t have a ton of C++ experience so I’m pretty lost as to how to force a ViewState…or what a ViewState is in this instance. Something at the end of

CaptureComponent->PostProcessBlendWeight = PlayerController->PlayerCameraManager->????

I assume?

Thanks for any guidance!

Bump. I have the exact same problem. Has anyone found a solution? Is there an example I can take a look at? Adding a blendable material to the CaptureComponent does not look very straightforward.

Same problem here