Add Ui widget to ShooterGame c++ Main Menu

Hi! i’m having some issues when adding a widget to shootergame c++ Main Menu.

I tried to create the widget at level blueprint but no matter what i do the ShooterGame main menu doesn’t allow the user to click on the added widget (tried **Set Input Mode, Zorder, Mouse inputs…) **but nothing seems to work.

The file shootermenuwidget.h has this line:

/** to have the mouse cursor show up at all times, we need the widget to handle all mouse events */
    virtual FReply OnMouseButtonDown(const FGeometry& MyGeometry, const FPointerEvent& MouseEvent) override;

Is there any way to make the mouse available to click outside the area of main menu? or do i need to insert my widget trough C++? in this case anyone knows any tutorials on this? Thanks in advance!