Add two touch button each one half of the screen.

I am trying to setup my interface controller for a runner mobile game. I just want to add two buttons each one has two take half of the screen. When I Touch the left one the player goes left and the right one the player goes right.
When I click both in the same time the player will jump.
It seems a easy task to solve however, I spent all day trying to achieve this without success. I have looked all over internet and I find and tried some solutions but they don’t work.

So far I have tried using:

Touch Interface Setup

Managed to get two buttons (like the picture below) assigned left and right movement. Only Left works , if I touch the right to the player goes left. Another problem here is that I cannot get the two buttons to resize depending of screen size. I have tried to cast the touch interface and call the variables but I cannot find a way to do this.


I have tried inside the player blueprint to get the half of the screen. I have managed to detect right and left and when I attach the to “Add Movement Input” I have to keep touch to turn instead of holding the direction.

What I am missing here?
Someone can explain how I can achieve this please?


Managed to solve.

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