Add to viewport needs to be click to hide or receive input events

Hi, I’ve been having this problem from quite some time now. I add to view port and call Set Input Mode to UI and Game(I also tried Set Input to UI only). After the widget has been added a mouse cursor appears and I need to click on the screen in order to hide it or to receive Inputs. I tried manually setting ShowMouseCursor to false in the player controller. All my visibility behaviour for all the widget in the hierarchy are set to "Non hit-testable(Self & All Children) and still behaves like this and it’s driving me nuts!!!

The way my widget’s intended behavior is to navigate through the buttons by pressing A and D without using the mouse. I remove the code for setting the focus for the inventory slot. I just need to hide the mouse cursor everytime it opens, I don’t want to require the player to click it in order to navigate or close the inventory widget. Please help me I’m slowly losing my hair at this point.