"Add to viewport" has no bools in 4.5 Preview as opposed to 4.4, why is this?

I’ve been following a UMG example in the second e-book published by Shah at Kiatsus Studios.

So far things seem the same, however I’ve noticed that the “Add to Viewport” node has no bools like it used to in 4.4. Absolute Layout, Modal and Show Cursor aren’t available to check/uncheck.

Is this a bug or is there a new way of doing this?

Hi Kagamusha,

There have been some changes made to how the node works. You can still set those options are now handled by the player controller.

Let me know if that helps.

In regards to menu’s I just permanently turn it on for that playercontroller as I only use it for the menu. I’ll post up any further issues I have. Although I assume it’s just a case of calling the player controller and setting some Bools on and off?