Add to array on array doesnt work


i got an array (Bags) of a BP struct(InventoryBag), which contains a array(Inventory), like this:

If i try to add a item to the inventory and try to traceout the length and add index, the length is 0 and the add index 0 too? Just looking on the nodes it appears just straid forward to do it like this, but doesnt seam work this way… and i dont get why :frowning:

Found a ugly workaround… by using a local variable and setting it back manually to the array of structs…

So i guess the Break Sturct node just generates a temp copy (instead of a ref), which is not written back to the original input??

Btw. the same applies for remove item from array:

Hi luuk_gg,

I reproduce this in 4.15, but I also tested this in our latest internal build where there has been multiple improvements to struct arrays. I was able to get this setup working there. So you will see this working properly in a future engine release.

In the meantime you have your workaround to get by it.