Add third gender and how does character respawning works?


This thread consist of 2 parts. In my mod you can play as a dino, but when playing as a dino, the game uses a modded character. This one is invisible, has infinite stats and its inventory is blocked. It is much like a spectator pawn. The problem is I want to keep the normal male and female characters. When respawning the character is set to the male/female character and not to the modded character. I now can only get around this by spawning the modded pawn and possessing it, but because of this the level of this pawn is set to 1.

The first part is my question if you can add a new gender? Is this possible with a mod or do you need to make a total conversion of it.

The second part is how does the respawning of a character works? The level of the character stays the same after a respawn. Is there a way to do this manually?

Thanks in advance!