Add TextBox After Pressing a Button

I’m creating an app. There’s a button called “Add”. What I want to do is when the user presses the button “Add”, then a TextBox is created, where the user can add a text. I can’t find a way to do that. Plus, the user can add as many TextBoxes as he/she wants. So, I can’t add a number of invisible TextBoxes, making them visible after pressing “Add”.

Thank you for the reply. Could you explain to me what a canvas panel is and why I should use it?

You need to make a widget blueprint with only your text box, then you do something like this, except the location, you assign it however you what, i did it random so i could see there where a lot creating when i press the button

The canvas panel is the ‘space’ where you put your widgets, if you see on the designer tab, every time you add a widget it become a child of the default canvas panel, i only selected this default canvas and on the details tab on the top you can make it a variable to use it on your functions,

I just realised how dumb of a question that was. But thanks for the help. I’m going to do what you showed me and I’ll let you know.