Add tags (or equivalent) to static meshes

I have static meshes which I’d like to add tags (or similar) to so I can define properties of that mesh. i.e. a chair might have the property “sit-on” this can queried by the AI to find out what they can do to it.

Any ideas ??

Could you use ActorTags for this?.. select your actor and scroll down in the Details Panel. You should see a place to add tags. These can easily be tested against in code or Blueprint (I’m afraid I don’t really use Blueprints all that much, but there is probably a node called ‘ActorHasTag’ or similar. There are also GameplayTags (

FallingBrick, that might work - but you can only add them to an item already in a scene.

Id like to set tags or equivalent on a static mesh, then when I deploy that asset, it already has the tags - surely that’s easier.

jones did you ever find a solution to this, im currently faced with the same issue where i want to tag something in the content browser so that it has that tag globally across all levels

jones did you ever find a solution to this?

Make an actor that is a child of StaticMeshActor, open up the blueprint and you can add whatever tags you want.

i did find how to add METADATA to uassets and that has solved it for me, you just need to use editor uilities to do it…