Add struct to default class actor


I am trying to get custom variables/parameters in my Actor class. I’ve made a struct which holds the variable names, but I’m not sure how to bind that struct into the default class part of the actor.

Also naming the tab, and not getting just “Default” is of importance to me.
Any help appreciated!

Add a new variable to your actor and set its type to the struct.

Not sure what that means :expressionless:

Seriously! It was THAT easy! I couldn’t find anything about doing that anywhere, probably I was too n00b. THANK YOU!

Regarding default, see attached image.

These are the default values of the struct variable (right?), so you can’t change that.
You can group variables into categories if that helps.

Whoah. The answer to this was really simple. I had to reload the scene in order to get the struct to show in the actor.