Add String to Array (+1); feed whole Array to Widget

About an hour trying to formulate this, hope it’s understandable.

Game’s scenario: An actor scans an object and then creates a String.

I want to save these generated Strings into a GameInstance Array, line by line (element for element) incrementally.

  • Game Instance where the notebook is:


  • The scrollbox text, which must receive the full array like a diary.


  • Actor BP where the reading is done and the String is being forged. I need some help if i should use “Insert” or another way to feed the actor’s string into the notebook array.

  • Widget BP that should read the Array. The best i could to is geting the Last Index, anything else didn’t work, and i wouldn’t want to use ForEachloop in a widget:

  • Visual explanation…


Large purple box is the notebook String array. The plus on the bottom of the box means automatic incrementation when another random string is added.

  1. You can use Add to add the strings to the array. New entries will be added at the end.
  2. You can use Join String Array to join the entries together, using “\n” as separator to put each one on a new line.

Trying Add again;

How should i hook up the Widget text return node? (Because of the index)

Use the Join String Array node. It takes the array as a parameter and joins all elements together into one string with a separator in between them Join String Array | Unreal Engine Documentation

Seems to append…Nice one.

I looked at this node multiple times but thought it’s gonna make it all inline. After 20 hours of craze it turned out that was it…:slight_smile:

I appended some line breaks.

Widget Result:


Solved so far. Thanks!

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