Add static mesh/landscape to map through mod.

Hello, I have found a breadth of tutorials explaining how to make map extensions for the island. However, I am interested in adding a static mesh/terrain to a custom map that I dont have full access to. My interest is simply adding some flat terrain in a specific area in the game world. I have somewhat accomplished this in a mod using a custom placeable blueprint but that is unfavorable as mousing over shows the object text, and placing it in game is a bit of a pain.

I tried simply adding the terrain to the mod level (I know the engine coordinates where I need it to be) but it was not loaded in when launching the game.


  • Want to add a small static mesh to a mod that overlays into the custom game map.
  • I know the engine coordinates I want it to be.
  • It only needs to be collidable, shouldnt be destroyable or interactable.

If someone can help point me in the right direction for this I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Pretty sure you need access to the map for an extension. Not sure that there’s going to be away around that.