Add Static Mesh Component do not work. hot to use it?

I try to add a static mesh component to empty actor at level blueprint but it not work

The “Set Static Mesh” node is not necessary in this case. You are already setting the mesh in “Add Static Mesh Component”.

but “Add Static Mesh Component” don’t work at all, I use "Set Static Mesh " just want show a cube in screen for debug.;base64

this is at runtime and the static mesh component does’t show up

Here is what I did:

During runtime, if I check the components in the details panel, it won’t show the added static mesh component, but the component was added:

that’s wired. I still not working. which version u use? i using 4.25.1.

I found something. it look like no light source problem.

thanks a lot.

so you made it work ?
I just cant make my mesh appear

What code do you have? It works easier if you just contain the whole thing in one BP, rather than trying to do it from the level BP.