Add Static Mesh Component auto changed to Add Component

There seems to be a bug. I have several instances of AddStaticMeshComponent in my Blueprints, and sometimes, they get automatically changed to AddComponent and then won’t compile. I’ve attached a picture of what it looks like when the error happens.

Note: It seems to happen when I delete AddStaticMeshComponent nodes from other blueprints.

Hello summitch,

Following these steps, I was unable to reproduce your issue:

  • Created two blueprints
  • Added Static Mesh Components on BeginPlay
  • Deleted Add Static Mesh Component nodes from one of the blueprints

Is there any more information you can provide that might help in trying to reproduce your issue? Are there any steps that I am missing or performing incorrectly?

If I can come up with a simple repro, I’ll let you know. My current system is a little complex, but I’m running into this regularly.

I have an actor blueprint that has a construnction function that calls two functions, one after the other. Both of those subsequent functions create static meshes and apply a transformation to them. I have duplicated those functions to write test versions.

When I delete a large set of nodes form any function, sometimes, seemingly randomly, static mesh components in the other functions will turn into add component. It’s not perfectly consistent, but it is happening regularly.

If you end up having trouble coming up with a simple repro, you can always zip up your project and send me a link to Dropbox or Google Drive where I can download and take a look at it to see what’s causing your issue. This would be the best way to try and get it solved as quickly as possible.

Hello, have any of you found a solution? i’m having the same problem, it happens to me when i duplicate my gun bp that has static mesh component in it, and sometimes it auto changes to add component

Hey i am having this problem also, Any updates on the problem?