Add static buff - working on single player, non-dedicated game session but not server

Hey so as basic outline of the mod you effectively have a manager buff which listens to key input and cycles between buffs with each doing different things, you get the manager buff from a consumable item.

The way i do this is by having it on keypress; check which buff it currently has on the player character, then deactivating that buff, and adding the next in the chain. This works perfectly on single player, and a non-dedicated session i have hosted from my home machine.

But with this have been able to achieve what i wanted to, but whenever i try and add it onto my server even with all other mods disabled on native ark.

I can spawn the item which i use to give the manager buff and from there it waits for a key “n” to be released and then when the keyboard event triggers the chain to cycle the next buff.

However on the server it doesn’t add the next buff in the chain. I’m wondering if this is to do with how ark deals with buffs on multiplayer and maybe i need to change a setting or change the way i’m using static add buff.

But please any help would be greatly appreciated from anybody with experience with this sort of issue.

Singleplayer/non-dedicated work differently due to you being the local player controller. The way jslay showed me how to do it was to launch a widget from a structure, which provides you with the PC.

For PC > Get Controlled Pawn > Cast To Shooter Character > Static Add Buff

Hey i tried doing it that way just now and it didn’t work for single player or multiplayer :s. I took a screen shot of the event graph while i was triggering the event.

Maybe i’m not referencing it right?

I tried adding get player controller with a player index set to 0 as the target of the get controlled pawn, this made the cast work and the buff get added in single player but not in multiplayer. :S

If a separate Playpawn is taken, you need only once to die so that the new playpawn is adopted.