Add Stamina Drain to Grapple?

I have been trying to find a way to add stamina drain to the use of the grappling hook.
I want it to slowly drain a players stamina when the grapple is attached and stop when you crouch to detach or are forced to detach for any reason. I am new to ARK modding (only made a few changes and added a couple items) but I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how to make this happen or if it is even possible.

Thanks in advance for your help

Maybe in Graph you could add some logic onto the Projectile that would run a loop that slowly reduces stamina. The loop could be ended/broken when the grappling hook is detached? It might be better to place the logic on the WeapCrossbow file though - someone with more experience would probably know.

You might have to have the controller as the crossbow as I believe it keeps track of the hook projectile. So you could graph the Xbow and reference the hook instance, which then would give a buff that would drain stam.
Which you can have to buff keep referecing the instigator (xbow) to get the status of the hook. if the hook is no more, the buff will destroy itself (unless the player’s current stam is 0? then destroy self)

I know I wanted to take a look at the grapple hook to make some new strong grapple hooks (like a ballistic turret but to grapple larger dinos, not how effective that would be as when a dino wants to run it will detach any hooks. Unless I would be able to mod that too, but never got around to it. Have many ideas I like to explore)

This is what you want. Have the Proj add buff off event begin play -> delay (0.1) -> add static buff to instigator.

Then have the xbow handle when the link is broken to the proj, and remove buff from player.

(hopefully a little clearer)