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Hello, I’ve been using UE4 for about 4 months now, and I’ve only recently begun to use Splines. Right now, I’m working on an endless runner game, and I want to have a turning feature that will allow me to switch between lanes, and make a smooth, seamless turn. I figured that the best way to do this would be to make use of splines, which curve amazingly! But…I’m have a couple problems.

A: When I try to manually modify the “Selected Points” section of a selected Spline Point, nothing happens, and when I move the object in the viewport, the numbers revert back to their original values, albeit with the transformation tool’s change applied. For example, I could set the x value for the leaving and arriving tangents, to 10,000, but when I use the transformation tool, it reverts back to 100. During this time, the…um…IDK what to call the points that you can move to adjust the curve for that specific point, I’ll call them tangent points. The tangent points don’t move at all when I type in the values, even after I’ve clicked enter, and the value doesn’t revert when I switch tabs, it stays the same and will only revert when transformation tools are used.


B: I have been using the add (spline) point nodes to make my spline move with my dynamic environment.


However, When I try to turn…


This image is using the normal “Add Spline Point” node. So I tried to find a different node, and discovered the “Add Point” node:


As you may be able to tell, I have added modifications to the vector (which come to think of it, I should have just used a “vector + vector” node, as apposed to the way I did it XD), but without those modifications, this happens:


As you can see, the spline point is shifted WAY to the left (decreasing the x value). I should also note, that in the case of this spline point and the other visible spline point, the y values are mysteriously changed, which immensely bugs my OCD (‘-’), but it also could weird out the gameplay. I really need to know why the values are not aligning with the coordinates I’m giving it, since my debug fix isn’t going to be very practical. I can only guess that the coordinates are being placed on a different Coordinate Space than the world one. Although if that’s the case, then I don’t see an option to change the Coordinate Space anyways.

Fixes to either of these bugs would be appreciated, Thanks Guys!

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