Add sound start/end time option in Cue Editor

Hello, I searched quite a bit about this and to my surprise there is apparently no way to clamp the time range of a sound file from within the cue editor.

Lets say you want to start playing a sound then loop it x amount of times, starting the loop from time 2.2 to 5.5 (in seconds) and then continue playing the rest of the sound.
The only way you can do that right now is by chopping the sound file in an audio editor program into 3 parts, then play them back together in sequence in Cue… but if you need to chop hundreds of sound files this can become a problem.

Also there are many cases where you have SFX that have a second (or so) of silence at the start of the sound, so having the option to choose the start time of a sound can come in handy quite often.

Can we please add a feature request for this? it seems like a basic feature to have.

Yes please!
And also ¿can you please do that the “Looping” sound node don’t put a silence between a loop and the next one? it’s frustating. Same issue with “Concatenator”.
If a mark “looping” in the audio file inside the Soundcue editor i get no silence in between.
Please fix looping and concatenator and I’ll love you forever.

I requested this way back when and still neeeedddd it.

Is it in 4.11 , they added many cool audio stuff there?

+1 Could totally use this…

This’d be extremely helpful. I’m quite surprised that they don’t have such a simple feature. It could probably just be a property on WavePlayer.