Add soloing to layers and add the ability to turn layers on/off/solo them in a Level Sequence

I’m using Unreal a lot to create elements/environments that I render out and composite externally. I’ve yet to find a good way to render a single mesh (or a small group) from my large scene with an alpha so that I can composite behind it. I’ve been able to sort of do it with Composure, but I can never get it to render properly when rendering using a Level Sequence “Render Movie/Composure Export”. It would much easier if I could create some layers and control their visibility in a level sequence, then render using the Movie Render Queue (which is amazing and has really helped this pipeline so thanks!) And, although you can turn the eyeball on/off in Layers, having a solo button that turns everything off BUT the selected layers would be really helpful.

Oh, and alpha support for ProRes4444 in 4.26 in the Movie Render Queue would be awesome.

Keep up the great work!