Add slight velocity and rotation to physics objects (zero gravity)

Hey guys,

I’m building a sci-fi scene and want to have no gravity throughout the level. I have placed some physics objects in the scene, and set gravity to 0, however on simulation, every physics objects is stationary and does not move. I would quite like to apply a random spin/velocity to every physics object in the scene, just to give everything a little bit of motion. I have tried adding in a radial force actor, but this just means that everything moves in the same direction and it tends to just move the object but not rotate it very much. I could probably hack it by adding in tons of radial force actors, but I was looking for a cleaner way.

Does anybody know how this effect might be possible?

Thanks all!

Maybe iterating over all physics actors on Begin Play and adding a small one-time Impulse in a random direction?

You can simulate physics and NOT simulate gravity, just expand the advanced properties under ‘Physics’ and uncheck the Gravity option.

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