Add skeleton to mesh

hi. i bought a knight mesh and it’s without a skeletal mesh and if i import it as a skeletal mesh it imports each body part as it’s own skeletal mesh. i tried parenting it didn’t work for my mesh.i tried linking all body parts together in 3d max, it worked but the skeleton only has a root and i want it to have the skeletal parts like the default skeleton in the third person. can i fix this problem in the engine or do i have to use 3d max or …etc and what do i do with these softwares because i know nothing about 3d max or any the other sofrwares. thank you :slight_smile:

Hello Adam,

You are indeed going to have to pass this onto an animation/rigging setup artist for them to make a skeleton out of this and give back to you as a .fbx for you to import into the engine as a useable skeleton mesh character.


If you are in the need of a setup artist, i can be reached at

Hope this helps!