Add shoot weapon and projectiles to third person or side scrolling and mouse location aim

Hi, sorry my bad english, i m brasilian. What i want to know is how to add shooter mesh, like weapon and projectiles, to third person and side scrolling. I created a third person project and transforming that in a side scroller, like Trine 3, and will add a gun like ghostbusters, a bag with a flamethrower, so i need to know how to do this and, as side scroller, how to shoot where the mouse is. If anyone could help me with a step by step tutorial, with images or something. I’m a begginer in the software yet, start a few months ago, but i’m trying to make a great project for my course. Since now, thanks!

Take a look at this thread and create such a blueprint -> How to integrate Military Weapons pack into FPS? - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums
After that just attach the weapon to your 3rd person character ->
Now you will just have to somehow add an “aiming system” -> e.g you could do that in your anim bp with a transform bone node :slight_smile: