Add shake/wobble to an Actor in Seq

Hey I am wondering if there is a way to add shake/wobble to an Actor. Not camera shake to a camera. I have a hover car that I have animated on a cam rail in seq and now I want to add slight wobble to it.

I tried looking into modifying the curves but I dont see any noise generator like you have in other programs like C4D or Blender.


There don’t seem to be any built-in noise or something like After Effects Wiggle to tracks, which is too bad. You can add another transform track and make it relative. Then manually add so key positions to add the float.

if it has an anim blueprint you may be able to do that with just a fake time value, and some sin math to create a custom wobble
otherwise, just parent the hover car to a camera and use the camera shake on that

Thats an interesting idea. I will try that lol


Yeah, this seems like a good fail safe way to do it. I just wish I didnt need to key it in manually.