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Need to making a scoring system for a “throwing ball” game. but not like basketball with just one fixed points but serval…I can’t find a way to set the “add score” node…could anyone share your skills…?

As you see, I need to add the other points to the score when the ball hit others score ring.I really feel helplessness cause I don’t know where I can start from…




Which BP should I add to?..
and, there are 7 type of scores, do i need use an array node to mix thme together at the “Score From Ring” node?

Thank you very much Bro!!!

You can do it in the player or the level BP.

How do you know when the ball lands in one of the areas?


Level BP…means the GameMode BP?..sorry I’m a very fresh guy…
After adding this node at the BP, do i also need add anything in others BP?..

I use a BP which added a collision for the score…

Actually, this is a VR base game,the final thing I need to complete is, add different score to a TextRender. Do I need add any other node for other parts of BP…?

Since you are newbie in forums, please read.


Hi, Thank you for the information but may I ask what i’m doing wrong in the post…?
I apologise if there are any violation in the post…

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Its not violation, its just for you to how to ask good questions to have better answers for your problems :slight_smile:


Thanks for you kindness!!

I even don’t know how to ask a question here…as ue has many specify terms…and my english also too bad…forgive me…

Ah!! you are one of the Dev specialist right??!
Could you please give me some hints for this issues please…

You can keep score in the ball, as long as they keep playing with the same ball. Otherwise inside the player is good.


Thanks! But my goal is different scores
can be added in one text render…

Telll me what’s supposed to happen. They throw the ball, and when it lands in one of the holes, a widget appears for a short while?

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umm…I supposed to make a skeeball game. when player throw the ball to one of the hole, score indicated at the TextRender component. I put a BP with a box collision under all the hole and the ball also had a collision component, when the ball touch the box colision under the hole, score indicate at the TexRender component. So now I need to add all defferent score to the same TexRender component.

Yeah. So when the ball overlaps with the collision, the collision box tells the widget to show the score. You can make a widget every time they score, and remove it, but it’s easier to just make the widget once, and just show it when they score.

So they overlap of all areas would look something like

And in the widget

But you need to have made the widget at the very beginning, of course…


I’ll try later cause I’m going to work now and will update you the result!!

ah…one more thing,where should I put these node to?

First piece goes in the score overlap BP. You only need one BP, it has an integer which is how much they will score on overlap. Then you can put any number of them in the scene.

The second piece of code goes in the widget.

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