Add rotation to only one mesh inside of a bleprint


I m doing a locker BP allowing the player to hide in but i can t figure out how to set the door rotation as I need it to be in the BP to allow the character to interact with when it needs to go out.

any idea how i can set it?


Any Idea please?

Select the door component, in the panel on the upper left, drag it into the blueprint and pull pins off of it for things like local rotation.

I cant select one componant, it rotates te whole BP…

I’m assuming you have two components: the locker and the door to the locker.

In the hierarchy on the left panel, make the door a child to the locker by dragging and dropping it onto the locker. It will be underneath it and indented. Now drag and drop that door component into the blueprint and pull off from there.

Oh okay, I ust pulled everything in the BP as mesh…

Im sorry, still learning,

Thank you

Ive simply used a move componant to to rotate my door, taken it from a basic doorBP I have.

All Works, just, When i Teleport my character in the BP, I’d like it to rotate 180° and don’t allow the player to move the camera ( for now until i find how to set a max angle )

Heres how I set it:

My Character Componants

With The two last bool added, it don’t even allow me to stop movement. Is this because of the Spring Arm?

Thank You