Add remote Linux server to Frontend's Device Manager

One is able to add remote systems for deployments, tests, etc. in UE4’s Frontend client. It’s seems to support mobile operating systems as well as Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

I have a virtual linux server outside my LAN that I’d like to specify as deployment target.

My questions are:

  1. Can a linux server that’s listening on a non-standard SSH port be added to the list?
  2. Are there any other prerequisites such as agents, permissions that the specified user needs to have on the remote system?

Hey megamorf-

Deploying a Linux build via UFE has unfortunately not had the chance to be tested as much recently. Setting a non-standard SSH port would require changes in Unreal Automation Tool (UAT) which would have to be done in the source code. As for other requirements, the UAT path was designed for using credentials only on the first run and installing a private key on the machines side so no other agents would be needed.


Doug Wilson