Add relative rotation to rotator

Have a situation where I need to add a relative yaw to a rotator. I’m doing this specifically this way for replication (can’t just add rotation to an actor). How do I add a yaw to a rotator so that it’s relative rotation and not absolute. Currently this method adds absolute rotation around the z-axis, but doing so for roll does not have the same result and actually adds relative roll.

Have you tried the combine rotators node? ( order matters )

Did you ever find a solution to this? I have the same issue and haven’t found a way yet.

Try this:


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Thanks for replying pezzott1 but I don’t think it solves MikeRPG’s problem because they said they cannot add directly to the actor.
My problem is not exactly the same. I wanted to add 90 degrees to a rotator and then animate between the existing rotation and the new one.
My solution ended up being rotating a proxy object and then getting the rotation from that and using an ‘Rinterp To’, I don’t think this would help MikeRPG either but posting in case someone else ends up here with a similar issue.
My solution: