Add "Print to String" and "Add Reroute Node" to list of "Spawn Nodes by Chord" shortcut keys

I use these two nodes so often, it would be really nice to be able to set them to a specific shortcut key. If it were up to me, these would be bound to R and P, by default.


Reroute nodes can be added by double-clicking on a spline.

Print to string has been requested before and we’ll consider it, but for now you can add it locally by editing [BlueprintSpawnNodes] in your project’s EditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini to add whatever additional input chords you want (look at BaseEditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini for examples).


I can live with that! Thanks - you guys are the best!

Did you get this working? If so please share your EditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini settings…


Is there something special that must be prefixed to PrintString / Reroute to get it working?
In Base settings some nodes use prefixes: KismetArrayLbrary / K2Node, while others don’t…

I’m afraid not… I tried a few times but couldn’t get the syntax correct. I added this to the end of my EditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini but it resulted in all the Blueprint Spawn Nodes missing from the editor settings (when opened through “Editor Preferences”) and wasn’t successful, either.

+Node=(Class=“Print String” Key=P Shift=false Ctrl=false Alt=false)

, can you give us a bit more detail? Can this chunk of code be added anywhere in EditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini? Are you saying it’s not possible to add a ‘class = Reroute Node’ using this method?


You probably want something like:

+Node=(Class=KismetSystemLibrary:PrintString Key=P Shift=false Ctrl=false Alt=false)

Is there a list somewhere with all the nodes you can add to the BP spawn nodes and material spawn nodes?

Cheers that worked for me, but not in the Project’s INI version only by modding:


It’d be nice. Meantime you can copy Nodes from Graph into Windows-Notepad or something.
It’ll give you references to try out. For example Reroute node shows up as K2Node_Knot etc.

Edit: Using K2Node_Knot is causing Editor to crash after opening up a Blueprint etc.
It seems to be happening in 4.10 and 4.14 anyway, so maybe watch-out for now!

@cyaoeu any UK2Node subclass or Blueprint callable function can be spawned in this way (for functions you use ClassName:FunctionName, for nodes you use NodeClassName, in either case the ClassName should not have the A/U prefix on it). You can copy a node that you want to be able to spawn into Notepad to get the necessary names. The workflow isn’t super clean but this isn’t really exposed as an end-user-extensible feature anyways.

I’m not sure why you’d want a letter+click to add a reroute node when you can just double-click on a wire to add one, and have no plans to add letter+click for it in the future, but even so, it shouldn’t crash when placed that way (which is really no different to placing one via the context menu “Add Reroute Node…” option). Do you mind starting an AnswerHub ticket for the crash?


I can log it! But I’d feel happier first before I waste anyone’s time, if someone else can confirm the bug too?
Please don’t underestimate the usefulness of having this. Double-clicking wires sometimes takes a few goes.
If the wire is just being stubborn, or there is a Comment or other Node nearby, its a bit hit & miss sometimes…

One potential use case is when you’re first laying down nodes and know that a wire will be routed a particular way, you can’t really double click a wire which you’re dragging out. Its very trivial though because you can just put the node you’re going to use the wire with down and then add the reroute node- but when I know I’m going to be using a branching wire I make a conscious decision to “lead” with a reroute node which doesn’t connect to anything so that I keep my ability to branch off easily with a double click before the end-node.

I’m not sure that Letter+click helps though. A potential solution is to add reroutes to wires you “drop” in addition to being able to double click; though that might be annoying if you are indecisive and drop wires that you want to discard.

Makes sense, thanks! Making your own keys for nodes seems very useful, especially if you’ve got keys that don’t do anything special anyway.

Not really related but the middle mouse button not doing anything in BP/material editors always seemed strange to me. :confused:

Anyone getting Append to work? Doesn’t do anything in 4.10 / Seems to be crashing 4.14:

+Node=(Class=KismetSystemLibrary:Concat_StrStr Key=A Shift=false Ctrl=false Alt=false)

+1… Just to add to that:

In Kismet collapsed ‘Switch’ nodes helped to build out logic circuits in advance…
In effect this was like laying down all your Reroute nodes in advance so it helps!

In Blueprints you can’t right-click deactivate wired paths as you could in Kismet.
One workaround is to lay down ‘parallel wires’ that are effectively a ‘dead-end’.
Not as good a solution, but at least it shows where deactivated routes will go…


In addition to the reasons and Franktech have already mentioned [which I also do myself], I often work by laying down reroute nodes before wired connections are already made because I have an idea how I want to organize my nodes before actually dropping them in. Having to create the connection and then double click on it actually makes this way of working much less efficient.

However, that said, I’ve discovered since creating this post that both Print String and Reroute can be added to the favorites menu. For me, this is an acceptable solution that doesn’t require any more fuddling around with the .ini files (which always makes me a bit nervous).

Thanks for the help!

For anyone else curious, you have to first enable “Context Menu: Show Favorites Section” under Workflow in the editor preferences (search for “favorites” to pull it up).


Then, when you right-click in a BP, your favorites will appear at the very top. Add or remove from this list by clicking the star next to a blueprint functions name (in the right-click menu). Simple as that!


If you’re going to use the favorites category, also make use the of the Palette window. At the top nav bar its Window->Palette.


Did it! (UE4.19)

Your guys problem seemed to be that you tried to map a Key that was already mapped! Note that the .ini files have multiple versions that are MERGE TOGETHER according to the hierarchy. Then the merged version is parsed. So you basically try to add to bindings to the same key. Means you need to eliminate the registration line from the previous .ini files.…les/index.html


; Remap the slow DoOnce to a faster version
-Node=(Class=DoOnce Key=O Shift=false Ctrl=false Alt=false)
+Node=(Class=DoOnce_Fast Key=O Shift=false Ctrl=false Alt=false)                         ;  custom node in MacroLibrary (Asset)
; Remap the useless P to to PrintString
-Node=(Class=Actor:ReceiveBeginPlay Key=P Shift=false Ctrl=false Alt=false)
+Node=(Class=PrintStringDebug Key=P Shift=false Ctrl=false Alt=false)                   ; custom node in BlueprintFunctionLibrary (Asset)
; Remap A to String::Append node
-Node=(Class=KismetArrayLibrary:Array_Get Key=A Shift=false Ctrl=false Alt=false)
+Node=(Class=KismetStringLibrary:Concat_StrStr Key=A Shift=false Ctrl=false Alt=false)       ; C++ function

For those trying to add a shortcut for the Reroute node, this works inside EditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini

Node=(Class=K2Node_Knot Key=R Shift=false Ctrl=false Alt=false)

while this works inside BaseEditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini

<other shortcuts>
+Node=(Class=K2Node_Knot Key=R Shift=false Ctrl=false Alt=false)

Tested with 4.23.1

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