Add physics constraint component


I use add physics constraint component in my blueprint for block all rotation of my object but i want after a delay, remove rotations constraint and i don’t know how to do x).

Thanks in advance.

Just destroy the component, or set the angular limits to free.

Yeah, but i don’t know how to do x)

Did you try? The blueprint “place a new node” menu is context sensitive and most of the nodes have all the obvious keywords set up, so if you type in what you want to do it will come up if the option exists. In this case, “destroy” and “limits” or “angular”.

Yes, I tried but when i wan’t to destroy physics component i don’t havec any error but my cube is still limit and same when i try with angular limit. I certainly do something wrong but I don’t know what ^^

It seems that the constraint lasts for a while after you destroy the physics constraint component, if you wait long enough the destroyed constraint would disappear.

I’ve also posted a question here but no answer yet (link).